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Participant needs to scan or photograph the artwork and place it in an online gallery to share with your family and friends. Your child's gallery can be customized to include a brief bio of the artist and their artistic style or favorite medium. Their gallery page can be open to the public or you can password protect the page to only share with people you know. You can also receive a digital backup of their artwork to document your child's artwork to keep in a digital scrapbook or just have a back up.

We are an exciting online fine art gallery dedicated to the promotion of national and international contemporary artists. We continually present dramatic and provocative works of art, catering to the taste and trends of the knowledgeable art buyer and our gallery's discerning global collector base. We offer our clients a unique opportunity to acquire some of the most thoughtfully curated art in the contemporary art world, as well as an impeccable collection of masterworks of fine art. In keeping with our strong commitment to quality, we will be reviewing all submissions critically. Our goal is to select artists of exceptional talent and unique abilities.


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www.merasketch.com invites entries for painting competiti..

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www.merasketch.com invites entries for digital photograph..

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